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The following self-serve tools are designed to help enhance your customer experience and simplify your business operations.

Bell Business Portal

Leverage our Bell Business Portal to access valuable, time-saving, self-serve tools that help you manage your Bell transactions online. Easily check service availability, order your services, track the status of your orders, access measurement and reporting capabilities and more.

To find out more about setting up your business to access this handy online tool, talk to your Sales Representative.

If you already have a username, simply sign in here.

Online Bill Manager service

Online Bill Manager is an easy-to-use, web-based billing analysis and reporting service that helps you manage and understand your costs and bill payments.

Online Bill Manager

The Online Bill Manager service from Bell gives you online access to your statements, customizable reports, the ability to allocate expenses across your organization, and the option to pay your bills using pre-authorized, one-time debit payments, electronic funds transfer or wire transfers.

Access, analyze and pay your bills online

Managing your telecommunications costs is now simpler and faster with the Online Bill Manager service. This convenient service provides you with easy online access to your statements, customizable reports, the ability to allocate expenses across your company and the option to pay your bills using pre-authorized debit payments.

The Online Bill Manager service is available for Bell business accounts containing long distance, voice, toll-free, data packet, equipment charges, other charges and credits and directory advertising information. More account types will be added to the service in the future.

The Online Bill Manager offers:

  • Power – Analyze your billing details using online reports.
  • Freedom – Access your Bell statements on the Web anytime, anywhere.
  • Convenience – Pay your bills automatically each month.

Benefits for Your Business

Efficient – Save time by managing your Bell billing information online.

  • Access your Bell statements and billing information 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, online from anywhere in the world.
  • Find answers to your most frequently asked questions and reduce the time you spend analyzing your paper bill each month.
  • Distribute costs across your company based on an organizational, geographic or financial reporting structure.
  • Manage your budget by analyzing your usage trends, call volume and equipment costs to forecast future spending.
  • Pay your bills automatically using monthly pre-authorized debit payments.
  • Save all your billing information in one convenient location.
  • Delegate responsibility for bill payments and manage employee access to your billing information.

Insightful – Gain valuable insight into your telecommunications usage and costs.

  • Understand your overall telecommunications costs by viewing a consolidated statement of your accounts.
  • Analyze your billing information using sophisticated reports and graphs.
  • Review usage patterns and trends to better predict and manage budgets.

Customizable – Find key information and create meaningful reports.

  • Access the information most important to your company by creating custom reports and filters.
  • Create and manage your corporate hierarchy for easy internal cost allocation.
  • Review equipment records and use specific filters to view only the circuits you want.
  • Allocate costs to department, employee or cost centre and upload this information into your internal accounting programs.
  • Transform your billing information into meaningful reports by adding descriptions to your telephone numbers, circuits and accounts.
  • Simplify rebilling by easily marking up or marking down calls.
  • Export your summary or detailed billing information for use in your accounting and finance systems.
  • Create professional presentations and business plans using overview graphs or detailed charts.

Terms and Conditions

  • Future charges may apply for selected Online Bill Manager features.
  • Service subject to change without notice. Other conditions apply.


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