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Deliver a great user experience every time.

Make sure your network is up to meeting demand. Our next-generation networks and cloud services deliver reliable voice, video and data services anytime, anywhere, to any device – with high bandwidth, low latency and security to ensure users enjoy your content the way you want them to.

Choose from a wide range of services to extend your reach across Canada:

Carrier Ethernet

Deliver Internet connectivity and mission-critical applications simultaneously.

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Wavelength service

Offer your customers the speed and capacity of a secure, high-capacity point-to-point optical network.

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Data centre

Protect your network infrastructure in our highly secure and reliable data centres with 100% service level agreements.

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Take advantage of the largest national MPLS network in Canada.

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Why choose Bell Wholesale?

Bell Wholesale gives you access to an advanced data network so you can deliver your content to more people in more places.

As a content provider, you get:


  • Coverage from coast-to-coast-to-coast
  • Interconnection points across the country and at key “meet me” points in the U.S. and Europe


  • Service-level guarantees that ensure reliability for your customers
  • Capacity and redundancy to handle any kind of traffic


  • A one-stop shop for all your network needs
  • Support from an extensive team of expert professionals


  • Services and technologies built on more than 140 years as Canada’s first telecommunications company

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Extend your reach from coast-to-coast-to-coast with industry-leading broadband,
IP and voice network access across Canada and key 'meet me' points in the U.S.

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