Internet Connect


Internet transit tailored to your needs – and your customers.

Provide your customers with reliable, low-latency Internet transit with Internet Connect service from Bell Wholesale. Our service is delivered over one of Canada’s most diversely connected networks, with multiple transit and access types available across the country.

Transit services

Internet Connect service from Bell Wholesale lets you choose from three transit service options, each available in access speeds ranging from 1 Mbps to 10 Gbps. With this flexibility, you can more easily meet both your needs and those of your customers.

  • Transit

    Get full access to Bell Wholesale’s Canadian network, peering partners and transit providers.
  • On-net transit

    A sub-set of Internet Connect Transit, this service gives you access to Bell Wholesale’s Canadian network and peering partners.
  • Settlement-based peering

    A further sub-set of Internet Connect Transit, this option provides access to Bell Wholesale’s Canadian network only, making it ideal if you require access to just the Bell Wholesale customer base.

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Why choose Bell Wholesale?

Bell Wholesale provides industry-leading Internet access services across Canada. Bell Wholesale is Canada’s #1 Internet service provider*, with more than one million IP connections across the country.

Our Internet services offer:


  • Direct access to the largest user base (residential and business) in Canada
  • Coverage in all major Canadian cities
  • Extensive peering and transit relationships with Tier 1 and content providers


  • World-class IP network design for optimized traffic routing
  • Physically diverse fibre routes, back-up PoPs, and redundant transport and switching equipment for greater resiliency and survivability


  • 24/7 customer support from expert IP technicians and network engineers
  • Access to a self-serve online portal to view monthly usage reports and network performance metrics

*Based on total number of Internet service customers in Canada.

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